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Bomb Threat
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Relocation / Evacuation:

The Fire Safety Director, Building Management Office, Building Security and/or the Los Angeles Police Department will have the responsibility to decide whether tenant(s) should be relocated. If you are ordered to relocate, all the following steps should be followed:

  • The Floor Warden, Alternate Floor Warden and/or Tenant Manager will be advised to relocate.
  • Everyone should proceed quickly but calmly to the nearest stairway exit. Do not run!
  • The Floor Warden, Alternate Floor Warden and/or Tenant Manager should walk the suite to assist the employees and make sure everyone is aware of the evacuation/relocation and everyone has left the floor.
  • Relocation, depending upon the size and type of explosive device, is normally one floor below and one floor above the bomb.
  • Once the evacuation has begun, no one should attempt to re-enter the evacuated area until it has been declared safe by the police or fire department.
  • On a daily basis be familiar with your surroundings. Report any unfamiliar objects in restrooms or closets immediately to the Building Management Office.
  • Keep closets and storage areas neat, so any unfamiliar object is immediately recognizable

Suspicious Items

  • Letters that are unusually bulky or weighty.
  • Parcels or envelopes with chemical or oily stains.
  • Parcels or envelopes without a return address.

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