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Bomb Threat
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Bomb threats are very rare and when they occur they are mostly found to be crank calls, but all of them are to be treated as actual until proven to be otherwise.

If you receive a bomb threat:

  • Attract the attention of a co-worker. Have your co-worker call 911 (use 1-800 688-8000 if problem occurs on 9-1-1 system) to request the call on the line to be traced and for the police department to respond.
  • Get as much information as possible about the bombs location, type and time of detonation. Complete a Bomb Threat Checklist.
  • Ask about the bombs appearance and who is placing it.
  • Listen for background noises or distinguishing voice characteristics that might aid police.
  • Assure that emergency services have been notified and relay all information.
  • Survey your immediate work area and report any suspicious items to the LAPD and building security. Do not touch a suspected bomb or a package that may contain an explosive device.
  • If necessary and after conferring with Building Management Office and the affected tenant management, the fire safety director will give the order to evacuate. If this order is given, tenants will be directed to an alternate safe refuge area.
  • The Floor Warden, accompanied by the police, will make a complete search of the suspected area(s). It will be the responsibility of the floor warden to identify any suspicious items or packages that do not belong in the space.

Bomb Threat Received By Building Management Office:

  • The police department will be notified immediately.
  • The Tenant Manager Contact(s) in the affected area(s) will be informed of the situation.
  • Tenants should be alert for any unfamiliar people or objects to point out to the police upon their arrival. Do not touch or handle any suspected objects.
  • The concerned Floor Warden and each tenant in the affected area(s) should make a complete inspection of all areas to identify any suspicious items or packages that do not belong in the space.
  • If the bomb threat is received against 550 South Hope Street and/or not a specific floor or building, all public access areas, beginning with the most accessible, will be searched.

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